Rise Up Singing

Rise Up Singing, compiled by Peter Blood and Annie Patterson for sing-alongs, has the words and chords (but not the melodies) to 1200 different songs of all different genres, covering folk classics, 60's pop, sea shanties, hard time traveling songs, mountain songs.... I bet you know a few hundred of these songs already.

In Africa, there is a saying: "To play kalimba without singing is like eating rice without beans." There is a long tradition of playing kalimba and singing, and this book can help us transplant that African tradition into our own folk traditions in America.

I aim to have a 10-20 page guide on turning a Rise Up Singing song like "Blowin in the Wind" into a kalimba masterpiece, but for now, I can offer you a two page guide showing you the basic chords and how to retune from the key of G to the keys of C and D (which will get you over half the songs in the book). This book is worth having anyway, and you will learn quite a bit adapting this songs to the kalimba.

Rise Up Singing
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