Alaska Pics (pair)

I've taught about 65 kids how to play kalimba, and about a quarter of them ended up using the Alaska Pics to prevent thumb pain.

You probably want to get XL sized piks - read on.

The Alaska Pic is designed to fit on the fingers of guitar players, so normal people like me need an XL size. If you have extra large thumbs, you might be out of luck. Medium size fits young kids approx. 6-9; Large fits kids approx. 9-13.

OR: measure the circumference of your thumb at the base of the nail and follow the advice of this table:

alaska pik size

It takes you a few minutes to get used to the feel of the Alaska Pics on your thumbs -- basically, your nails are suddenly a quarter inch longer, so you have to recalibrate your hand positioning. But these pics do permit full thumb dexterity, and your thumbs won't be hurting (unless you order a size too small).

The price of $4.50 covers two pics and shipping.

Remember, you probably want to get XL sized piks

Alaska Pics (pair)
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